My first aerial footage using DJI Mavic Mini

With my previous failed attempts to control a drone (6 years back), I was not really confident about flying this portable drone called Mavic Mini by DJI. 6 years considered a long time frame in the technology industry as tech is changing at a rapid pace with more customer-centric innovation.

The very first feature that caught my attention on this drone is called “Return To Home” (RTH). By simply pressing this button marked as RTH on the controller, sends a signal to the drone which is already airborne to return home. The drone performs a series of checks, starts flying back to the place where it initially took off and lands safely. RTH will be my fav goto feature!

I remember my struggle to do the same, 6 years back, and the drone was crash-landed on tall trees, a visually compelling real-time story my kids seem to remember very well!

Overall flying time seems to be around 30 minutes which gives me ample time to capture short clips of aerial footage at 2.7K or 4K resolution with a 12MP camera attached to a lightweight gimbal.

The 2nd feature I liked about this drone is, it is around 249 grams (overall weight) and there is no need for FAA registration. The remote control uses the phone (iPhone/Android) as a feedback visual screen and it directly relays the real-time video without any lag to the phone screen.

From a photography point of view, built-in camera settings can be customized, for example, adjusting EV settings and locking the EV value throughout the capture and a lot of visual guides, cross-hair, 1/3rd, and gridlines to help capture perfect video. Personally, I like histogram on all my pictures, and If you are familiar with Histogram (I rely heavily on Histogram on my Nikon) and there is a visual for that too in real-time.

With the ease of use and built-in safety features, I’m sure I will be flying this drone and capture short clips of beautiful nature and my adventures!

So far I’m impressed with Mavic Mini and I’m sure that I don’t have to worry about takeoff and landing safely. Some safety features like collision detection are missing on this drone but those features are mean for more serious and professional drone operators.

Mavic Mini

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