Backyard birds – Winter edition!

I enjoy seeing winter bird visits in our backyard.

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TikTok – Why not?

TikTok – My initial reaction was a big NO to download or create an account in the first place. Eventually I had to download it because kids share Tiktoks and I can’t always watch them in a browser. Once I download the App and using it for a while, I found that Tiktok social platform…

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Build, Train, Test a Machine Learning Model using Python

This is a complete session covering topics Build a Statistical Model Adding additional features to input data (derived features) Publish the Machine Learning Model (ML) Consume the ML Model

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Website migration to AWS Lightsail!

Picture: Art of the Athletes – 1998 Winter Olympics at Calgary, Alberta In many cases, a change is required. I believe that the change is what creates opportunities to learn, explore, and grow! After running my blog on WordPress platform for a number years in a locally managed web servers environment, I have finally decided…

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When AI has a Person-al problem!

I was in need of a flexible and easy to configure Security Camera Systems for my home and after some research, I had decided to try out Arlo’s home security camera system. My main objective is to see how Arlo’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognition features perform with the real-time image/video data. Installation was quick and…

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Quebec City, Québec

Visiting Old Québec is a great way to experience very unique old architecture. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, Old Québec is the most intact fortified town north of Mexico, retaining its colonial architecture for over 400 years. It is the historic and cultural heart of Québec City, and the birthplace of French…

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